Broke dad cries on Rich Kids, Skint Holiday as he tells privileged teen his family will be living in a tent within weeks after being kicked out of their home – The Sun

A SKINT dad who reached breaking point while filming Rich Kids Skint Holiday, broke down in tears to a pampered teen, revealing his family are set to be kicked out of their home.

Dad-of-five Danny from Derbyshire said he and his kids – along with wife Sarah – would be forced to "live in a tent in Sarah's mum's garden" if they didn't find somewhere to live within five weeks.

18-year-old Charlie from Hampshire ditched five-star luxury to join the family-of-seven on a weekend camping trip in tonight's episode of Rich Kids Skint Holiday.

The pampered teen revealed he has "never had to worry about money" and has "never budgeted a day in his life" explaining he recently returned from a holiday to Turkey where he stayed on a 30-foot yacht complete with private crew.

But even Charlie – who relies on the bank of dad to fund his cushioned lifestyle – was moved when Danny sat him down to reveal the extent of his desperate situation.

Sitting down to eat his first ever doner kebab after he under cooked the family's barbecue – forcing them to spend £30 on a takeaway – Charlie was shocked when Danny revealed the family could be left homeless within weeks.

The couple's landlord has put their property up for sale and because another private rental is unaffordable, the family have been trying to get help from the council.

Danny – who's been working since he was 12 years old – and Sarah, a cleaner, revealed they had reached breaking point after working all hours.

"We’re constantly working aren’t we, we've both hit that barrier of work but it's just like, come on, let's just get away for a couple of nights," Danny explained.

"Come tomorrow, I've got five weeks to get out of my house. At the minute, we don't know where we're going.

"Worse case scenario, we'll be sat at the mother-in-law's with a tent in the back garden.

"If we go in another private rented house, camping will stop, no holidays, no breaks, whatever I earn there would be nothing spare.

"It’s the house that the kids have known and I don’t know what will happen or where we’re going to be or anything."

And when wife Sarah breaks down in tears and has to remove herself from the conversation, Danny becomes emotional.

"I think what breaks me is when she breaks into tears and the fact that I’ve had the kids in tears and them saying they don’t want to move because at the minute I physically can’t do anything for my family."

Charlie – who was educated at boarding schools and will be able to buy his first property with shares – rushed to comfort Danny after he became too emotional to continue filming.

And Danny's revelation seemed to have had an effect on Charlie, who explained: "It's made me appreciate my upbringing more, they have a lot less than I had yet they are so happy.

"I would definitely go camping again."

At the end of the episode, Danny added: "Charlie has been the complete opposite to what I imagined.

"Even though he has the wealth, he doesn't flash it about, he's a genuine lad.

Rich Kids Skint Holiday airs tonight on 5Star at 9pm.

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