Bride-to-be shows off engagement ring on Facebook – and gets absolutely savaged for 'dirty a**' nails

BEFORE the pandemic, most brides-to-be- would have access to a nail salon before posting that all-important picture of their engagement ring on social media – but right now, we're all having to make do without.

That said, we bet one woman is regretting not giving her nails a quick once over before plastering photos of them all over Facebook.

After sharing a photo of her and her fiancé holding her ring on social media, the image was then posted on the Facebook page That's It, I'm Ring Shaming.

A former friend of the bride captioned the photos: "A couple I knew in high school…"

Needless to say, the bride's nails caused quite a stir among the 112,000 members of the group.

While one blasted her "dirty a**" cuticles, another replied: "Did she have to dig the ring up before he proposed?? My goodness."

Did she have to dig the ring up before he proposed?? My goodness.

Another added: "These people are why we’re in a global pandemic."

"Tell me she's a car mechanic or gardener," a third said. "If not, this is unacceptable."

Meanwhile, a fourth joked: "You’d think the bath bomb that came from would have helped clean out her nails…"

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