Billionaire Boys Club Prepares Graphic-Heavy Apparel Pieces for Winter 2020 Capsule

Winter season is here and Billionaire Boys Club has (literally) geared up for the layer-heavy time of the year with its newly-launched apparel collection. Its lookbook surfaces not too long after the sister imprint BBC ICE CREAM revealed its latest range that enlisted rapper Jack Harlow as the main model.

To properly combat the colder conditions, BBC has opted to bless its fans with plenty of outerwear pieces to choose from. Many are vibrantly styled such as the puffer jacket options, one of which features a multi-colored mosaic plastered in all-over fashion while the other sprawls various patches along its bright orange base. A denim jacket, canvas-constructed piece, a coach jacket with felt patches and a polar fleece zip-up also fall under this category.

In the long-sleeve department, you’ll find two crewnecks: the first being knitted and splashed with colorful patterns, while the second opts for wooly textures and blurred out imagery. Moreover, a hockey-inspired jersey and graphic-heavy tees are tossed into the mix.

Finally, several short-sleeved tees also make an appearance which feature signature logos such as the brand’s arch insignia and astronaut helmets, as well as beanies to keep your noggin warm in the midst of sub-degree weather.

If you fancy any of these products, you’re in luck because the full assortment is available right now on the BBC Ice Cream online store.

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