Aldi shopper raves about luxury bubble bath which is 'exactly the same' as a pricey £12 Boots version

ALDI shoppers have long been raving about the incredible deals on offer in-store and it's a top contender when it comes to beauty products too.

And one shopper reckons she's been spending way too much money elsewhere because the bargain supermarket has products for a fraction of the price.

The beauty fan sang the praises of Lacura's Luxury Bath Float, a bubble bath she compared to a much pricer version.

Until now, she's been buying Sanctuary from Boots for an eye-watering £12, but claims Aldi's £1,79 version is "exactly the same."

Not only do the bottles share the same bronze and gold packaging but the shopper claims they smell the same two.


Posting side by side photos in the Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group, she wrote: "So I have been paying 12 pounds a bottle from boots I buy this bubble bath all the time today I went to aldi and picked 2 bottles of this up and it smells exactly same if not smells stronger and it's 1.79 a bottle.

"Cannot believe how much money I've been spending and wasting (sic)."

It seems she wasn't the only one other dozen raved about the product too.

"This is a lovely product.. it smells great and loads cheaper !! And best of all, the bubbles stay for ages, even after shaving. Another fantastic Aldi product ," one gushed.

Another added: "Their whole Lacura Range is superb. I use face creams, serums, cleansing wipes. Such great value for money for products that work."

And a third raved: "I bought this today after reading your post and gotta say, thank you very much. It’s as good as the other one I’m used to for a much better value. Thanks."

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