Young Thug's Child Was Recorded Driving A Car, And People Are Concerned

A clip recently surfaced of rapper and one-time fashion icon Young Thug’s very young daughter driving a car, while someone (presumably her mom) filmed it. Lots of people are confused as to why any parent would let a young child drive a car? And then post it on social media? It’s like the first rule in bad parenting, we don’t talk about the bad parenting. We certainly don’t record it and then post it to social media.

Also, my heart has exactly enough room for one child driver and that spot forever belongs to Latarian Milton.

According to Hot New Hip Hop:

A video surfaced online that allegedly shows Thugger’s daughter driving a car while an adult in the passenger seat, presumed to be the child’s mother, filmed her. In the short, muted clip, the little girl can hardly see over the steering wheel as she holds on tightly, her hands hardly able to grasp. A woman’s arm comes into view, reaching over to help steer the wheel just slightly before letting go and allowing the child to drive on her own.

People were understandably concerned about this as the child could barely see over the steering wheel. It takes some bad judgment to allow this, and then even more bad judgement to post it, but I guess a “like” is a “like.”

Here’s the video:

Turns out that many people had feelings about this as it got over 1.5 million views.

TheShadeRoom shared the video on their Instagram page and it has reached over 1.5 million views. There are nearly 22K comments on the post, and many of them are blasting the rapper and the mother of his daughter for allowing this to happen. Former NBA star Matt Barnes called the actions “Stupid” and Tyrse said, “I’m almost sure DFCS is gonna see this.” Thousands of others mirrored their sentiments, however, some didn’t see the big deal. “Y’all tripping like your parents didn’t let you sit in their lap to drive their cars!!!” one person wrote. “We just didn’t have social media back then!!”

TMZ claims that Young Thug wasn’t involved and his daughter was behind the wheel for seconds:

A source close to Young Thug says his daughter was with her mother and driving just outside her home in Georgia. We’re told no one else was in the area and she only drove for a short time … less than 30 seconds. Young Thug was not aware of the situation.

To be fair, if you grew up in the 80s, there’s a chance your parents did some version of this. Or at least my parents did. My dad would sit us on his lap and take us to a street called Rollercoaster Road and let us pretend we were driving, then yell, “No hands!” as we sped down the hill. I guess we weren’t actually driving. Though in retrospect that hardly feels safer. Though we certainly didn’t video tape it and show to all of friends. We saved that shit later for our therapists.


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