Young Chops Brother Johnny May Cash Allegedly Killed Over Video of Him Beating a Girl

Following news that the Chicago rapper died after being shot in the thigh, some social media users call it ‘karma’ because he was filmed getting violent with a woman last month.

AceShowbizYoung Chop is perhaps currently mourning the death of his brother. Johnny May Cash, the younger brother of the Chicago producer, was reportedly shot and killed over the weekend over a viral video that surfaced last month.

Johnny, who was a rapper, died after getting shot in the thigh on Sunday, April 17, according to SayCheeseTV. In its Instagram post, the entertainment news blog suggested that his murder may have something to do with the video showing him beating a young woman back in March.

“Chicago rapper, Young Chop’s brother Johnny May Cash, was killed today after being shot in the thigh,” read the April 17 post. “Many people believe it’s tied to the viral video of him beating a girl last month.”

Neither Young Chop nor his family has addressed the report about his brother’s death, but fans have expressed their condolences on social media. “Y’all don’t know he had his hands on a lot of this drill s**t back when it took off. 100 percent. RIP,” one said of Johnny, who was known as a young pioneer in the Chicago drill movement during his life.

Another paid tribute to the late rapper, “Jonny may cash was part of our sosa area !! And folks nem man really a legend may he Rest In Peace.” A third penned underneath his last Instagram post, “Damn…” Some others left comments that read, “Damnnn Rest up man” and “NOOO.”

Meanwhile, some haters left taunting messages, believing that his death was “karma” after he beat a girl. “Women beateree,” one person labeled Johnny. Another warned, “Y’all got stop speaking on dead and putting your hands on women. Karma is real and she’s a b***.”

Echoing the sentiment, a third hater said, “Karma a b***h @johnnymaycash god don’t like ugly. Especially a weak a** mf putting his hands on a petite female.” One other added, “I can’t stop thinking off the girl he beat karma.”

“beating on women now his a** dead,” a fifth hater remarked, while someone else claimed, “Wished it when u put ur hands on that woman and now it’s true, crazy bro WEAK asf for that s**t!!”

In the said video, Johnny was seen violently throwing a young woman against a wall twice while grabbing her by the hair. He allegedly also punched her in the head before she managed to run away and escape the abuse while being barefoot.

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