World’s first stick-on eyeshadow which costs just £5.99 and works in 10 SECONDS finally launches in the UK

IF YOU'VE always wanted a professional-looking smokey eye, but are lacking a steady hand, your prayers have finally been answered.

The world's first stick-on eyeshadow has been launched in the UK for £5.99 a pack – and it takes just ten seconds to apply.

Majic Beauty's eyeMajic is now available for Brits to purchase after becoming a hit in the United States.

The product comes in 22 shades and can be ordered on Amazon.

It is the first instant transferable eyeshadow in the world and claims to provide a professional result.

Using a heat-sensitive applicator, the make-up can be applied to the lid of the eye in one go.

  • eyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow, £5.99 from Amazon – buy here

The incredible stick-on eyeshadow has already received rave reviews on Amazon.

One person wrote: "Omg how did I ever live without this product?

Another commented: "Best invention ever! So easy to use and perfect results each time."

A third shared: "I love these. I can’t do eyeshadow, in fact I can’t do makeup. These were so easy to use with fantastic results. So much so, I need them to design a full face makeup mask. I’d highly recommend."

And a fourth added: "Great product. I'm a makeup artist and could recommend for everyone from beginners to pro in makeup. Very easy and fun to apply on."

Meanwhile, another revealed: "Really good stuff. Wasn't sure about how it worked at first, and got it all over my eyes! But once I figured it out, it was great. Loads of compliments."

The product description says the stick-on eyeshadow "takes seconds to apply and lasts all day".

It involves using "clever heat-sensitive applicators that instantly transfer the finest pigments in the most beautiful colour arrangements".

The makers add that it is cruelty-free, paraben-free and recyclable.


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