U.S. Supreme Court on Lockdown Due to Suspicious Vehicle

The Supreme Court Justices just returned to work — beginning work on cases related to Roe v. Wade — and the court is on lockdown, surrounded by cops investigating a security threat.

U.S Capitol Police say a suspicious vehicle is parked near the Supreme Court Building, and they have officers all over neighboring blocks … shutting off all traffic in the area. Tensions are running high — Monday was the Court’s first day back in session, and with Roe v. Wade on the Justices’ front burner for the current term, there are immense security concerns.

There are reports the vehicle is an SUV parked at the front of the building, and that the driver refused to move when cops told him to do so.

The Justices are scheduled to hear arguments regarding Mississippi’s abortion law later during this term … and it could ultimately lead to Roe v. Wade being overturned.

It’s unclear if the Justices were already in the building when police locked down the building.

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