Troy Ave Offers More Details on Taxstone Shooting That Killed His Bodyguard

The Brooklyn-born musician is questioning why he is charged following the Taxstone shooting while he was just trying to fight back after he was shot and wounded in May 2016.

AceShowbizTroy Ave has shared his side of the story on the Taxstone shooting. When joining Nick Cannon‘s “The Daily Cannon” on Monday, May 1, the emcee offered more details on the incident that resulted in the death of his bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

“If I’ma die, I’ma die fighting,” the 37-year-old began. “I’m not just gon’ be on the floor like, ‘Oh, I’m hit.’ And let the person that shot me and my man get away. Like f**k it, we all gon’ die in this b***h then.”

“Now we fighting for the gun and s**t, he start squeezing those shots. I’m biting the n***a on his neck, he’s biting my forearm. I managed to get more control of the gun than him, I just start pistol-whipping him,” the New York City native added. “I turn around to make sure everyone I came in with is good.”

Troy went on to recall, “We leave out the room, and this is the part they showed on the media. This is the part that made it look like Troy Ave came into a club recklessly and started shooting.” He then noted, “What people don’t realize is I was coming out of a VIP room where I was attacked and I was shot. When I’m shooting, is when I see him.”

Troy himself reflected on the incident, which took place at Irving Plaza in May 2016, pn his Instagram page ahead of his pre-sentencing hearing. “And would you believe after all the evidence I still gotta go to jail … even tho I feel like ‘it’s self defense’ even tho I feel like ‘my friends shoulda took some of the weight off my shoulders’ that ain’t the reality, the reality is in NY we don’t have traditional self defense, the reality is I’m charged with attempted murder on the person that Shot a bunch of innocent people attempted to murder Me & killed a Real one #RIPBANGA,” he argued.

“I’m charged with possession of his weapon, the reality is that my ‘friends’ who were in the car were only down for the good times , they weren’t down for the bad times. They weren’t down to take a gun charges while I took the attempted murder and weapons possession,” he continued. “That’s when the concept of Team became of myth, that’s when I realized THE STREETS IS A MYTH. but regardless of all that ima take whatever comes with this, with my chin up and 10 toes down.”

Troy concluded, “I hope y’all use me as an example and learn from my mistakes. So you or ya peoples don’t make the same ones. Everybody claims they real until they get put in a real situation. Dont ride for people that’s just riding with u and not willing to ride for u! #RIPBANGA real one lives 4ever MY sons won’t make my mistakes. #UsNeverThem #FreeTroyAve #RealMan.”

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