TOWIEs Chloe Brockett breaks down in tears after co-stars make sly digs about her

Chloe Brockett says the latest episode of TOWIE made her cry as she had "no clue" her co-stars on the programme had such "negative opinions" of her.

The glamorous 22 year old reality star said she was "literally sobbing" on a sunbed whilst she watched the episode on a streaming service and was upset by the "little sly digs" her so-called friends had been saying about her.

"I just had a sob on the sunbed, I was literally sobbing – I watched the show on the hub [ITV Hub] and it really upset me seeing all of these negative opinions of me and often I have no clue that these opinions are being said," she said. "My memories of Thailand was so positive and I feel like I'm actually quite nice to everyone that I get along with and seeing what people are saying about me, even little sly digs upset me.

"It would upset you though, imagine seeing a group of people making f****** sly digs about you. I was annoyed," she added.

Speaking on her Instagram page, she continued: "People smile to my face and I think that's what makes it harder for me… I got on the sunbed and just started crying as I felt overwhelmed.

"I think it's important to say this and let you know how I'm feeling as I get so many messages from people going 'Chloe, I wish I was more like you and don't get hurt by peoples opinions', but I do, I do get hurt by peoples opinions."

The latest episode of the programme, which aired on Sunday 30 April, saw Chloe and close pal Saffron Lempriere argue after Saffron told Chloe that she'd been feeling left out. The best friends only recently fixed a two-year spat after previously arguing back in 2020 – but it seems hearing what Saffron and other co-stars had to say about her was too much for Chloe watching the episode.

Her upset comes just a few weeks after she had a huge row with close friend Amber Turner who labelled Chloe's behaviour as "erratic".

In a clip from an earlier episode of TOWIE, Amber was seen venting about Chloe while on a boat trip with her boyfriend Dan Edgar and the pair's friends Elma Pazar and James 'Diags' Bennewith.

"I love Chloe, but the way she's acting – it's like she's split personality in the middle!" Amber told her pals, adding that Chloe had been erratic and was no longer the same person as she was when they met a few years ago.

"There's one side of her that's the most caring, loving, kind friend and does anything for you has your back for everything. There's the other part of her that she just acts erratic."


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