Tina Lawson Faces Backlash After Applauding Chris Rock for Urging People to Get Vaccinated

Beyonce’s mother chooses to ‘take the backlash’ because she ‘cares’ and wants people to ‘protect’ themselves from ‘serious illness and death’ caused by the coronavirus.

AceShowbizTina Knowles has landed in hot water after thanking Chris Rock for encouraging people to take their dose of COVID-19 vaccines. Though so, the mother of pop star Beyonce Knowles said that she’d “take the backlash” as she cared about them.

On Sunday, September 19, the 67-year-old made use of her Instagram account to share the importance of getting vaccinated. “Please protect yourself from serious illness and death ! It might not stop you from getting it but it will help you fight for your life,” she wrote underneath Chris’ Twitter post that urged his followers to take their jabs.

“I have lost too many people I love to this disease!! They didn’t have to die ! [red heart emojis],” Tina continued. The businesswoman highlighted, “Nobody is trying to bully you ( I’m only saying this and I know I will be facing all of the negative comments and misinformation ) , but it’s okay I’ll take the backlash , because I care about you [red heart emojis].”

In the caption, Tina applauded Chris for encouraging others to get vaccinated. “Thanks @chrisrock for caring enough to share, you didn’t have to but you did[praying hands emojis] for you[red heart emoji].”

In the comment section, however, Tina faced opposition from those who have stated that they aren’t getting the vaccine, those who have condemned her for promoting vaccinations, and Nicki Minaj‘s fans who continue to echo the “#WeStandWithNicki” hashtag.

“I love that ppl care about others but no. Everyone gotta do what’s best for them,” one Instagram user wrote in the comment section. Another added, “We love and respect you!!! But plsss don’t get in this one let ppl do what’s comfortable for them as you do the same for you and your family!! [love].”

That same day, Chris announced via Twitter that he contracted the deadly virus despite being vaccinated. “Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated,” the “Grown Ups” actor shared. However, he didn’t offer further detail what his symptoms are or if he’s hospitalized.

Back in May, Chris divulged that he’d already taken his Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which requires only one dose. “I was like, ‘Step aside, Betty White, I did (the movie) Pootie Tang. Step aside, old people.’ I was like Billy Zane on the Titanic. [Leonardo DiCaprio] died. Billy Zane lived to see another day,” Chris told late night presenter Jimmy Fallon. “I don’t want to be Leo at the bottom of the ocean… Billy Zane got another woman after that thing. In reality, you want to be Leo – but not in that movie. I’m two-shots Rock, that’s what they call me.”

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