These stars haven’t aged a day in decades and we need genes like these

While most people tend to look a bit different in their 40s than they did in, say, their 20s, there’s a certain group of celebs who appear to have been blessed with the gift of eternal youth. 

We’re not talking about the ones who’ve had the odd nip and tuck to maintain a youthful appearance (not that there’s anything wrong with that either), we’re talking about the ones who’ve literally not looked any different in photos taken 10, 20 or even 30 years apart. 

Fans were left shocked to find out Vera Wang’s real age, Pharrell Williams regularly stuns his followers with his ageless appearance, and it’s hard to date a photo of Gwen Stefani by anything other than the clothes she’s wearing. 

Here’s 11 celebrities who literally haven’t aged a day in decades… 

Vera Wang 

While most people have heard of the fashion designer, few had apparently given much thought to her age until recently. 

Vera pretty much broke the internet in May when fans discovered she was actually 70 years old after she posted a host of stunning photos of her in various outfits including a cropped top look. 

Fans couldn’t get over how amazing Vera looks, without a single wrinkle in sight as she heads into her seventh decade of life. And what does she credit it to? She says: ‘Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun…’

Pharrell Williams 

Pharrell might be 47 years old as of 2020, but you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a photo of him in his forties and one taken when he was 20. 

He’s the original ageless celeb whose genes have incited envy into pretty much anyone – and we have a feeling he will still look exactly the same at 70 as he does now. 

Paul Rudd

How is it possible Paul Rudd still looks identical to how he looked in Clueless in 1995, despite the fact that almost three decades have passed between then and now? 

Paul could easily pass for decades younger than his 51 years (as of 2020), and we’d love to know his skincare secrets. 

Adam Levine

The Maroon 5 frontman still looks just as youthful as he did in the early 2000s when the band started to make their mark on the charts. 

A couple of decades have passed since then and he’s now a dad to two children but the sleepless nights haven’t seemed to have aged him a day.

Gwen Stefani 

The only thing that’s significantly different about Gwen Stefani now compared to her No Doubt days is the pencil-thin eyebrows have been replaced by a fuller set. 

Better brows aside, Gwen still looks identical to how she did decades ago, and they are some great genes if we ever did see some. 

Mila Kunis

It might have been over 20 years since Mila was cast in That ‘70s Show, but the actress is still looking identical in 2020. 

Jennifer Lopez

Fans can hardly believe JLo is actually 50 years old, especially given her incredible Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. 

As well as avoiding a single wrinkle in five decades, Jenny From The Block still looks identical to how she did when she first became famous. 

Sandra Bullock

Sandy B might have been on our screens since the early nineties, but compare photos of her from then to now and there’s not much difference to be found.  

Julia Roberts

Beginning her acting career in the eighties, Julia has racked up hit movie after hit movie and fans have noticed that she looks identical now as she did then – we need to know what face cream she’s using. 

Halle Berry

If we look even half as good as Halle Berry at 53, we’d be over the moon. The actress looks decades younger than her years – and we’re all a little bit jealous of those genes.


Queen Bey may have gone through every hairstyle there is over the years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed one bit throughout the past couple of decades is her look. 

We’re pretty sure there’s some kind of magic involved as Bey hasn’t aged at all since she fund fame. 

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