The Sussexes are now paying a monthly ‘rent’ on Frogmore Cottage

There are so many dumb stories about Prince Harry being “lonely” and “rudderless” since moving to LA with his wife and child. All of those stories come from bitter British tabloids and royal reporters who act like jilted lovers trying to convince themselves that their ex isn’t happy. Besides, most people are lonely these days in lockdown – most of us haven’t spent time with friends or gone out to dinner or a party in months. But here’s something I didn’t even think about before now: there’s a sizeable British expatriate community in LA. Harry probably already knows some of the British people who live in LA. Including Adele?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made one good friend in Los Angles, fellow Brit Adele. Adele, 32, lives a few minutes away from the duo’s new home in Beverly Hills, and the singer often stops by to say hello and gives Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, advice about living in LA, reported the Daily Mirror.

“Adele’s just five minutes from Harry and Meghan and they’ve swapped notes on the area. Adele loves the neighborhood. She’s also recommended her four-year-old son Angelo’s pre-school and discreet places to take Archie where they won’t be bombarded by fans,” a source told the Mirror. “All three of them get on so well. Meghan admires how Adele has managed to keep out of the spotlight despite being a huge star. And she is a big fan of her album 21, which she says helped her through her divorce from Trevor Engelson.”

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Yes, because lord help the monarchy if Harry develops a group of American friends! No, British people have to be friends with British people, those are the rules! In any case, this just sounds like another desperate attempt to “put” the Sussexes with various celebrities. Whatever happened to Meghan and Harry’s deep friendships with Oprah, or Gayle King? Now Adele is the one.

Meanwhile, did you hear that Meghan and Harry are now paying some kind of “rent” on Frogmore Cottage?

Frogmore stands empty as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain happily ensconced in their £14.5million, 12-bedroom villa – 5,400 miles away in Hollywood – where they are living rent-free. Frogmore stands empty as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain happily ensconced in their £14.5million, 12-bedroom villa – 5,400 miles away in Hollywood – where they are living rent-free.

Although Harry offered to repay the cost as part of the ‘Megxit’ arrangements, officials were baffled at how he could ever do so. But now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that it has been quietly arranged for the couple to start paying rent on the property, beginning last month. Meghan and Harry are now paying just shy of £18,000 a month to keep Frogmore as their official British base.

It is being described as a ‘rental-plus’ agreement in which they pay more than what the commercial rate would be, enabling them to pay down those building costs with the excess. When the Sussexes dramatically quit royal duties in January, Palace officials said the couple would repay that taxpayer-funded Sovereign Grant expenditure ‘and meet the running costs going forward.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This is so f–king stupid. The Queen never made the Cambridges pay rent on Kensington Palace Apartment 1 during the years they barely used it, even though it had been renovated at great expense by the taxpayer too. The Queen still doesn’t make Andrew pay rent on the Royal Lodge – which is a huge mansion in Windsor – even though he stepped down from royal work. But sure, Meghan and Harry have got to pay, massive eyeroll. I hope that in their “one year review,” they say “actually, f–k your cottage, we’re not paying for that sh-t anymore, it’s not our fault you gave us a teardown.”

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