The public have gained respect for Prince Charles through the pandemic, says royal expert

Over the last year, Prince Charles has been very visible supporting communities throughout the pandemic. This work, and his stance on climate change, has gained him the 'respect and admiration' of the nation, royal expert Katie Nicholl tells OK!

"When you look back on the year of the pandemic, I think Charles – who really came across as almost the patriarch of the nation – managed to really win the support and respect and dare I say the affection of the nation," Katie explains, adding: "He really has proved himself."

Prince Charles has been present at the COP26 climate summit this week, delivering a powerful address that called on world leaders to take on war-like action when it came to fighting climate change.

Katie explains that the environment has been a cause championed by the 72-year-old Prince for much of his life.

She says: "Let's not forget, this is the man who was ridiculed for his stance on the environment and climate change decades ago, whose now being proven right and whose advice we are heeding with a great sense of urgency. In all of this, the public have woken up and discovered a new respect for Charles."

Katie continues that Charles – who was supported by wife Camilla at engagements in Glasgow this week – is now being respected for his opinions.

She adds: "They respect him for his views and opinions which were once laughed at, they've seen how he's stepped into a statesmen like role during the pandemic when he supported the nation."

The royal expert continues to add that Charles and Camilla now have a "great deal of support."

Katie says: "I think him and Camilla are at a point in their lives now where there is affection for them, and there's a great deal of support for them."

The expert also says that Camilla is carving out a more prominent role for herself in the new slimmed down monarchy.

The Duchess, 74, was seen at a reception kicking off the climate change summit, alongside her husband, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Camilla also recently wowed at the Bond premiere, where the two couples posed together on the red carpet.

And it's not just red carpet events that the Duchess of Cornwall has been attending in recent weeks, for she also made a powerful speech against violence towards women at the launch of Women of the World's Shameless Festival.

According to Katie Nicholl, Camilla's most recent appearances have marked a change in Camilla's position among the senior royals.

Katie explains: "Camilla is coming more to the forefront. During 2020 and 2021 we've really seen the emergence of Camilla as the Duchess of Cornwall, with her own role and identity, she's been very bold and brave about the causes she's taking on that perhaps we don't always associate with the royals but she feels are important."

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