Tayshia Adams' Travel Hacks and Go-To Skincare Products Help Maintain Her Bicoastal Lifestyle

Tayshia Adams has been a force to be reckoned with in pop culture since 2019. That was the year she joined the popular Bachelor franchise. As the possible love interest of Colton Underwood, Adams made it to the end of the season. Underwood pursued a relationship with Cassie Randolph. Adams went on to appear on the 16th season of The Bachelorette.

Since then, Adams has remained a vibrant pop-culture personality. The social media influencer often mentions her love of travel and desire to be a global citizen.

Tayshia Adams loves traveling around the world

Adams has had the opportunity to work with many brands as a reality star. In a March 2022 interview with Conde Nast Traveler, Adams opened up about how much she enjoys traveling.

The 31-year-old admitted that one of her favorite experiences of the past several years was the two and half weeks she got to spend in London. While there, Adams indulged in some self-care, enjoyed delicious food, and explored various exciting locations.

Generally, Adams divides her time between California and New York City. While that much traveling can take a toll on someone’s skin and overall wellbeing, the influencer has devised the perfect strategy to keep her travels stress-free and enjoyable.

What did Tayshia Adams say about her process for packing?

As Adams told Conde Nast, she always tries to get her suitcase organized one day prior to travel. This way, on the day of her trip, it’s less stressful. She also likes to set out her outfits in advance and take pictures of them, so she has a better idea of what clothes will photograph well.

“It’s easier to know what I have in my bag and know what I’m going wear (for different occasions),” Adams said. “You tend to bring so much more that you don’t need and it ends up just sitting in your suitcase.”

Adams also recommends trying outfits on prior to packing them. She notes, “If you try it on beforehand, you have a better idea of what you’re actually going to wear.” As far as items that the reality TV star always has in her bag, she relies on a Kindle Paperwhite — so that she can listen to audiobooks on the go — comfortable sneakers and running shoes, and easy beauty essentials such as Neutrogena makeup wipes.

Adams makes sure to take care of her skin when traveling

It’s easy to neglect your skin when you travel. But as a self-described skincare junkie, Adams is always prepared when hopping on a plane.

“I have my eye cream — there are two that I’m in love with: the Inkey Caffeine eye cream and the SkinMedica Instant Bright eye cream,” Adams dished. “I put on my Phloretin CF from SkinCeuticals and then I go ahead and put on my No7 Lift and Luminate day cream, which serves as my moisturizer and my sunscreen, and then I’m done.”

At night, Adams turns to intensive treatments like the Sunday Riley Good Genes serum, which she says helps with discoloration and brightening. She likes to mix “high and low products.” When it comes to must-have drugstore skincare products, she recommends the Lift and Luminate cream from the London-based brand No7, which is sold at many UK-based drugstores.

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