Street In Brooklyn To Be Named After Notorious B.I.G.

The late Christopher Wallace, better known by his stage name, Notorious B.I.G is set to receive the honor of having his childhood block in Brooklyn renamed after him as “Christopher Wallace Way.”

The Hip-Hop icon, who was assassinated in 1997, is widely celebrated by the people of New York, and beyond, and has several murals in the same area dedicated to him.

LeRoy McCarthy, who is overseeing the project, said honoring the rapper “symbolizes more than just one man; it symbolizes a culture. It symbolizes a borough. It symbolizes a people, and hip-hop is worldwide.”

McLear also lead the initiative to declare May 21 as Notorious B.I.G Day in Brooklyn in 2016. He hopes that the dedication will be approved by the City Council and Mayor Bill De Blasio around the same day.

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