Steven Avery from 'Making a Murderer' Tests Positive for COVID-19

Steven Avery is confined to his prison cell, in isolation, because he has coronavirus … according to his former criminal defense attorney, Jerome Buting.

Buting says Avery tested positive for COVID-19, so prison officials are keeping him in quarantine, of sorts, in his cell. He adds that according to Sandy Greenman, Avery’s girlfriend, Steven “only had short-lived symptoms and is in good spirits.”

He asks for prayers for Avery’s speedy recovery, adding #FreeStevenAvery.

As you may recall … Buting was half of Avery’s legal team on “Making a Murderer,” the wildly popular Netflix docuseries released in 2015 that raised questions about Avery’s conviction for killing Teresa Halbach in 2005.

Buting, along with Attorney Dean Strang, made the compelling case that Avery was set up by local law enforcement. They’ve stated many times they believe Avery — along with his nephew Brendan Dassey — are wrongfully incarcerated for Halbach’s death.

Buting and Strang no longer represent Avery, but his current attorney Kathleen Zellner is still working on an appeal. She filed for one in October 2019, but just last week the State of Wisconsin responded by asking the court to uphold the decision to deny Avery a new trial.

Despite multiple appeals, Dassey’s conviction for aiding in the murder was also upheld by the courts.

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