Smirking Kris Boyson shows off legally dodgy licence plate

Kris Boyson protested 'f*** the haters' as he defiantly posed alongside his dodgy licence plate a month after claiming police pulled him over for it.

In April Kris told how he was pulled over by cops – with Katie Price's son Harvey in the car – over his personalised name plate.

But Kris appeared unconcerned as he posed for a snap with the customised plates on Instagram .

The personal trainer dropped down to his knees and gave a smirk and a thumbs up as he showed off his 'K BO7SON' plate after getting the wheels of his Mercedes refurbished.

Though some of Kris' 54,000 followers were quick to pull him up on his error.

"Sort the plate out, police will be all over that," fired one.

Last month Kris admitted he'd been pulled over by police for a suspected road violation while taking his girlfriend Katie Price's son for a drive.

In a video posted to Instagram , Kris revealed: "So taking my little mate out on an adventure, cos he loves it in the car, don't you, Harv? And got a little cheeky tug from the old bill.

"Apparently having your name on your numberplate ain't unacceptable, eh Harv?"

Strict rules govern the use of personalised number plates, including a ban on altering or rearranging the numbers and letters on a plate to form words, or altering them in a way that makes it hard to read the plate – including using screws or bolts.

Mirror Online revealed that Kris risks a £1,000 fine for his number plate , which reads "K B07SON".

The top of the number seven is curved, meaning it resembles a 'Y', which would perfectly spell out his first initial and surname.

The plate does not meet the British Standard for number plates, and displaying a registration mark on a vehicle which does not comply with the legal requirements is an offence under Section 42 of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994.

Laws set out by the government mean that someone in breach of this act can face a fine of up to £1,000.

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) offers guidelines on vehicle registration numbers and number plates.

Number plates can only be made up by a registered supplier and must meet the British Standard.

Guidance on the DVLA website states: "The British Standard sets out the characteristics of the number plate. This includes visibility, strength and reflectivity.

Mirror Online has contacted Kris for comment.

Last week Kris hit the headlines yet again as it was reported that he and Katie, who have been dating since last summer, could be on the rocks after the personal trainer unfollowed her on Instagram.

It came after Katie flashed a crowd of fans her during her attention-seeking appearance at a 'Porn Idol' contest.

During the course of the evening, Katie bared her boobs, had her nipple licked by a drag queen and shoved her face into a woman's private parts, ridiculed ex Dane Bowers' manhood and was asked if she was on crack cocaine due to her wild behaviour.

Eagled-eyed fans noticed that Kris was no longer following Katie after her antics.

But a source confirmed to the Mirror that Kris didn't follow Katie in the first place.

While Kris is among the 2,030 people that Katie follows, he isn't one of her 2m followers.

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