Sarah Hyland Just Shared a Rare Photo of Her Curls Brushed Out

Sarah Hyland is known for her amazing sense of humor and has never been afraid to make fun of herself (a pretty killer quality, if you ask us). The 29-year-old actor demonstrated this on Sunday, September 27, in a hilarious Instagram post about her hair — specifically, how it looks after brushing it.

The post features a selfie of Hyland with wide eyes and her curls brushed out, along with the cheeky caption: "Rubeus Hagrid’s daughter ✨ *This is what happens when you brush #curlyhair."

Naturally, fans are obsessed with the candid photo and how relatable it is. They're leaving comments like, "Hahahha my hair is the same but bigger if I brush it dry haha," "I love you and your realness," and "🙌🏻 love it!" Tess Holliday also chimed in, writing, "Honestly this look is iconic," and well, we'd have to agree.

Hyland also took the hair moment to her Instagram Story, where she compared herself to more iconic characters, including Monica from Friends, Hermione pre-Goblet of Fire, Mia from Princess Diaries before her famous makeover, and even Simba from The Lion King. She did so in side-by-side photos featuring herself and each of the aforementioned characters, and we have to say, they're all pretty spot-on.

It should go without saying but we love to see Hyland embracing her natural hair — not to mention getting so real with fans. We definitely need more relatable content like this on the Internet.

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