Sacha Baron Cohen Says "Borat" Was The Reason For Kid Rock And Pamela Anderson's Divorce

Sacha Baron Cohen swears he’s the reason Kid Rock no longer screams “MAH WIFE” every time Pamela Anderson walks in the door. Don’t worry. Nobody bonked you on the head, kidnapped you with their time machine, and took you back to the year 2006. Or maybe they did, I don’t know your life! But from where I’m standing, the year is still 2019. According to The Daily Beast, Sacha recently reconfirmed what he’s been saying since shortly after Pam and Kid Rock’s 4-month marriage ended in divorce; that Borat was to blame.

On a recent episode of the podcast The Last Laugh, Sacha confirmed for the first time that Pam was in on the joke when his character Borat attempted to kidnap her at a Virgin Megastore book signing by throwing a bespoke bag on her head after she refused his proposal of marriage. Remember when Virgin Megastores were a thing, somebody paid Pamela Anderson to write a book, and Borat was considered the height of hilarity? Those were the days, my friends. Pam may have been in on the joke, but Kid Rock wasn’t laughing when he watched Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan at a private screening.

When the film was released in November 2006, Anderson had recently married rapper—and current Trump fanatic—Kid Rock. The pair filed for divorce just a few weeks later. At the time, tabloids reported that they screened the movie at the home of then-president of Universal Pictures Ron Meyer and when it was over Kid Rock “started screaming at Pam, saying she had humiliated herself and telling her, ‘You’re nothing but a whore! You’re a slut! How could you do that movie?’”

Sacha says that Pam texted him soon thereafter and he asked her how it went.

She texted back that they were getting divorced. When he asked her why, she replied, “The movie.”

“And I thought it was a joke but then a few weeks later they got divorced and they put as a reason for divorce, Borat.”

And to think, had Pam chosen not to do Borat, she and Kid Rock would probably still be married to this day. Shit, who knows, maybe their union would have retained the solid foundation of mutual trust and respect on which it was built, and each of them might have been able to live up to their full potential as human beings. Maybe in an alternate timeline, where Borat doesn’t exist, Kid Rock fulfilled his dreams and became President of the United States and Pam our politically astute First Lady. Given the circumstances of our current timeline, it’s not really much of a stretch.


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