Rihanna Launches Fenty Brand With Paris Pop-Up Store

In a brand-new deal with LMVH, pop star Rihanna has launched her unique fashion label, Fenty, in Paris.

While her collection of luxury read-to-wears, footwear, accessories and eye-ware is now available for purchase at the pop-up store in the Paris’ Le Marais neighborhood, the items are set to premiere online on Wednesday, May 29.

“This is a moment in history,” said the 31-year-old singer, who many believe to be pushing the frontiers of fashion and makeup. “It’s a big deal for me and my entire generation.”

“They were flexible enough to allow me to have a different perspective on the way I wanted to release things,” she said of her deal with LMVH, adding that although she remains confident in the quality of her brand, “it’s like ‘you better get it good girl.'”

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