'RHOSLC' Jen Shah Must Enter Mental Health Program After Prison Release

Jen Shah

Jen Shah‘s going to get her head checked once she finishes her stint in the big house … and it’s all Uncle Sam’s idea.

It’s a few years in her future, but the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star has a couple special conditions for her eventual prison release — and, according to new docs we obtained, chief among them is a requirement to participate in a mental health treatment program.

Remember … Jen was recently sentenced to 6.5 years behind bars in her wire fraud case, and she’s supposed to surrender to authorities on February 17 to start serving her sentence at a federal penitentiary in Texas.

jen shah arrested

Once Jen serves her time, she’s going to be under 5 years of supervised release … during which she’s got to do her mental health treatments.

jenn shah in court

At her sentencing, Jen got emotional as she apologized … saying, “With the proper medication I can now see what happened.”

The docs say Jen must continue to take her prescribed meds when she gets out of prison, unless her health care provider decides otherwise.

Jen’s probation officer has to sign off on the mental health program she chooses … and she may be subject to testing to see whether she’s reverting to drug and alcohol use.

Prison figures to be a huge culture shock to the reality TV star, and reentry to society might be the same. So, a little checkup from the neck up couldn’t hurt … that’s how the feds see it, anyway.

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