Relative of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend said ‘she couldnt stand how needy he was

A relative of a former girlfriend of Prince Harry "couldn't stand how needy he was”, according to a leading political commentator.

Former chief secretary to the Treasury David Mellor disclosed details of what he'd been told to GB News.

He said “There's no doubt Harry is damaged. I mean, a relative of one of Harry's previous girlfriends just said to me she couldn't stand how needy he was. Please believe me it's an impeccable source.

"But let me just say to the problem with this, you've got Kate, who I feel we're never as good about as we ought to be. Now William was somebody who wasn't sure when he was young that he wanted this life of servitude.

"She has been by his side and has given him the strength to actually do what he's done."

Mr Mello continued: “What has Meghan done for Harry? Has she done anything to say, 'now come on, you know, it was terrible what happened to your mother but we've got a big life going ahead'.

“I think she's using Harry to exploit her own or build her own fame.”

He told Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon: “I think Meghan is supporting the human being that is Meghan.

“Harry travels around by private jet, despite everything he says, he lives in a $15 million house which he has bought on the proceeds of selling his family down the river

"…the wallowing in self pity, I find disgusting.”

Mr Mellor said the couple also risk damaging Britain’s reputation abroad.

He added: ”Some of these attacks are about the Queen and the way the Queen was as head of the Commonwealth. I think this will get worse.

“But of course what we don't know is how it would be taken overseas…the damage they do is abroad.”

He told GB News: “It's deeply damaging to them, first of all…even the woman in the Guardian said it made him want to vomit, so I don't think they've done themselves any good here.

“We don’t know what the reaction will be overseas. But I think the person I feel sorry for actually is Charles…he's a man of real genuine creativity and commitment to the public good.

“It's all going to be lost because of constant friction with Harry and Megan.”

Mr Mellor’s comments came after a People's Poll for GB News found that 24% of the public think Harry, 38, and Meghan Markle, 41, should be banned from the coronation of King Charles III next year.

Results also showed 54% of people to think that the Prince and Princess of Wales best represent British values, compared to 7%, who said Harry and Meghan do.


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