Ray Winstone opens up about death of mum from cancer at age of just 52

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  • 21:30, 9 MAY 2019

Film star Ray Winstone has revealed that he was angry for a year after his mum died from cancer at the age of 52.

The movie hardman, 62, admitted he could not “cry or talk” about Margaret’s death for a long time having lost her at the age of 28.

Ray, who stars in the upcoming film version of the stage musical Cats, said: “I was quite angry. I was very short-fused with people.

“I remember driving… one day and the sun was setting behind me.

“I just caught it in the mirror and I had to pull over. I just broke down and it seemed to release everything.

“I must have been there about 10 minutes and I hadn’t cried or talked for a year – just anger.”

Ray was speaking to injured Afghanistan veteran Ken Bellringer for The Resilience Sessions podcast.

He said of his mum’s final days: “It was such a relief for me that I got time to talk to my mum before she died. It was like she woke up to talk and then a couple of days, gone.

“It took me a year to get over that. I didn’t realise that I had a little bit of a breakdown. The thing about depression is that you don’t know it is happening to you.”

Ray, who has three daughters with wife, Elaine – Lois, 37, Jamie, 34, and Ellie Rae, 18 – added: “You never forget and it hurts but just having that time with her taught me a lot about opening up and having a chat with my girls.”

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