Rapper Mozzy to Pay TikTok Star Huey Hahas Funeral

News about the comedian’s death is first shared by @jackfroot on Instagram, insinuating that he suffered from mental health issues as he posted a video titled ‘When you depressed’ in June.

AceShowbizMozzy is extending a helping hand to Huey Haha‘s family. Upon hearing reports that the TikTok star died at the age of 22, the “Sleep Walkin” rapper announced on social media that she will pay the comedian’s funeral.

Making use of Instagram on Wednesday, October 27, the hip-hop star shared a picture of the late star and his young daughter. “S**t Brazy!!!! Appreciate all the gangsta s**t u contributed to the culture!!! U can cancel the car wash ima pay 4 it!!! Get yo rest youngin!!!” the emcee captioned the post.

The first to announce Huey’s death was @jackfroot on Instagram. Posting a video of the late social media personality, the account wrote, “@hueyhaha_ shared this video titled ‘When you depressed’ to his YouTube channel back in June.”

“Life gets hard. Sometimes we see the signs and sometimes we don’t. Some of the happiest people hide the most pain,” the page further wrote. “You truly don’t know what’s going on in someone’s minds unless you help them open up.”

“Sometimes all people need to do is vent or get things off of their chest,” it added. “We all get busy with life. Please check in on your loved ones. Sometimes all you need to do is ask someone how they’re doing, if they want to talk, or simply to go eat.”

Noting that “everyone goes through and faces some form of sadness and depression in life one time or another,” the account reminded its followers, “Please know that there is a lot of professional help and great resources out there. Talking to a mental health expert/therapist can really help and it makes you feel better also.”

Someone then confirmed the sad news on Huey’s Instagram page, noting that Hey “passed away October 25.” His friend Coby Jdn then create a GoFundMe page, which raised more than $36,000 of $15,000 goal per Thursday, October 28.

The cause of death has yet to be revealed.

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