Raiders Fans Wail On Chargers Supporter During 'MNF' Game Fight

The NFL’s fighting problem clearly ain’t going away … ’cause TMZ Sports has obtained more video of fans scrapping in the stands — and, once again, it’s violent.

The latest melee went down Monday night during the Chargers vs. Raiders game at SoFi Stadium … when a Bolts supporter grew upset with a Silver-And-Black-clad fan in his row.

In the footage, you can see the two men aggressively got in each other’s faces … before the L.A. fan threw a wild haymaker that just missed tagging the guy in the Raiders jersey.

Immediately after the punch whiffed … all hell broke loose, ’cause multiple other Raiders fans jumped in to take shots at the man in the Chargers jersey.

Video shows the Chargers fan ate multiple punches … before the recording stopped.

One witness tells us people in the area were adamantly calling for security during the fight — but the guards were already busy dealing with another incident several rows away.

Eventually, we’re told stadium personnel and law enforcement arrived on the scene to break it all up.

The incident is just the latest in a long line of fan violence at NFL games this season … with Rams and Bears fans going at it a couple weeks ago and Cowboys and Chargers fans getting into last month as well.

No word yet if the NFL or its teams are making any extra attempts to tamp down the craziness … but it’s clear, something needs to be done.

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