Rachel Riley pregnant: Who is her ex-husband Jamie Gilbert? Why did they split?

The Channel 4 Countdown star announced the news on Instagram today – telling fans her and boyfriend Pasha Kovalev are expecting their first child.

Rachel Riley, 33, and Pasha, 39, have been loved-up ever since they begun dating in 2014 after they met on BBC show Strictly Come Dancing in 2013.

However, you may be surprised that Rachel was actually married when she went on Strictly.

Rachel was married to high school sweetheart Jamie Gilbert, 34, between 2012-2013.

“I’m still friends with my ex-husband”

Rachel Riley

However, the pair split up a few weeks after she appeared on Strictly.

Rachel attributed the split with businessman Jamie to a hectic work schedule at the time.

During a candid chat with Alastair Campbell for British GQ, she said: “At that time, I was doing Countdown and The Gadget Show, so I was living in Essex.

“I was filming in Birmingham and in Salford, and then filming Strictly in Borehamwood, with a bit of It Takes Two in London.

“I was getting three hours’ sleep a night, trying to fit in all these things.”

However, when asked if Strictly was responsible for her marriage breakdown, Rachel said it wasn’t, adding: “No. I’m still friends with my ex-husband. He’s great, he’s a brilliant guy.”

“We were together since I was 19 and it wasn’t right… What Strictly did give me was distance – because I was away from home in Birmingham, Salford, Borehamwood. It was the emotional distance that I needed to break away.”

Rachel officially began dating dancer Pasha, who has now left Strictly, in 2014.

Talking about her relationship with Pasha in 2017, Rachel told Daily Express: “I am in love now.

“I don’t feel I have to get married. I don’t think I need that pressure anymore. And I am perfectly happy.”

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