Pro Lacrosse Goalies Get In Wild Fight Mid-Game, Uppercuts And Haymakers!

A pro lacrosse game looked more like a UFC event this weekend … ’cause two goalies in the contest got in a straight-up fistfight during the middle of the match.

The wild action happened in the Albany FireWolves’ game against the Rochester Knighthawks on Saturday … when things got so heated between the two teams, two goalies actually fought on the field.

The scene was crazy … after Rochester had opened up a huge lead, Albany goalie Ethan Woods challenged Knighthawks goalie Rylan Hartley to a scrap.

And, you can see in footage of the melee, the two absolutely went at it.

There were haymakers, uppercuts, jabs and much more … before the two were eventually separated on the ground by referees.

Both guys were booted from the contest for fighting — but it didn’t matter much, ’cause Rochester ended up cruising to a 16-7 win regardless.

The good news for both guys? Neither team is slated to play again until January … so plenty of time to cool off — and ice up!

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