Phil under Keeble's control as he is forced into role as grass in EastEnders

When it comes to being a Mitchell in EastEnders, there are a couple of rules you must follow at all times.

Number 1: don’t involve the police in well, anything for that matter.

Number 2: don’t turn into a grass.

It’s the second one that Phil (Steve McFadden) has thought about constantly over the past few months, following DI Keeble’s offer he can turn police informant to prevent time behind bars.

Phil refused to take Keeble’s offer and has been in prison, but because he ended up in life-threatening danger last week, he changed his mind.

Out of jail and back in Walford, Phil is shocked to hear that Kat (Jessie Wallace) has moved back into no.31 and despite his pleas, she insists it’s over between them.

Finding Phil, Sharon tries to have a conversation with him, but he’s called away by Keeble.

During the meeting, DI Keeble makes her demands known and reminds him that she’s in charge.

Turning into a grass, what will Phil get up to as he relays information to Keeble?

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