Pacman Jones Airplane Video Shows Incident That Led To Arrest Of Ex-NFL Star

TMZ Sports has obtained footage of the incident that led to Adam “Pacman” Jones‘ arrest … showing the ex-NFL star getting heated with flight attendants and passengers before being booted from his flight — but the former Bengal believes the video proves he did nothing wrong.

39-year-old Jones was heading to New Jersey from the Cincinnati area for the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game early Monday morning … when he asked to change seats due to a faulty electric outlet.

Pacman Jones

In the clips, Pacman is heard going back and forth with flight attendants about the technical issues … and at one point, they explain the aircraft will be taken back to the gate due to his behavior.

Throughout his argument with one attendant, Pacman defends himself … saying he was simply trying to relocate to a seat that worked. Sources tell us Pacman was hoping to charge his iPad so he could go over his notes for the Monday Night Football matchup he was slated to cover later that night.

pacman jones

As the plane was heading back to the gate, Pacman sounded off over the debacle … cussing and bickering with pissed-off passengers who were upset about the delay.

In fact, Jones is heard referring to several travelers as “crackers” … bragging about his wealth and asking why no one backed him up.

Once the plane got back to the gate, Jones was met by Northern Kentucky International Airport police officers, who took him into custody.

Jones was booked for disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication and terroristic threats … but he tells us the charges are bogus.

“I did not threaten anyone,” Pacman tells TMZ Sports. “I was not drunk. And, as the video clearly shows, I was the one who was mistreated.”

Our sources say Pacman feels disrespected with how he was treated, and how things played out … and he’s adamant he didn’t lose his cool until the attendants threatened to kick him off the plane.

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