Nicole Nafziger Slams 90 Day Fiance Mom-Shamers: If I’d Known I’d Get Stuck in Morocco, I’d Do Things Differently!

Nicole Nafziger gets trolled left and right by 90 Day Fiance fans, unfortunately.

Sometimes she is judged for her engagement to Azan.

Other times, she's mom-shamed for everything under the sun.

Now, fans are accusing her of "leaving" her daughter, as if she had just abandoned her 6-year-old.

That's not what happened.

But in her replies, Nicole is being nicer than she needs to — and also revealing what she would have done differently if she had known when the COVID-19 pandemic would hit.

It's not a perfect answer, but it's an honest one.

1.Nicole is a devoted mom


3.Now, haters are coming out of the woodwork

4.One mom-shamer hopes she never "leaves" May again

5.And if she had KNOWN what would happen

6.Is she delusional

7.The same troll kept coming back

8.Another, softer suggestion came along

9.Okay, so

10.But yeah …

11.Other than that

12.In fact …

13.Remember …

14.And she got to see Azan

15.They had fun!

16.There was a lot of fun to have

17.Don't get us wrong

18.Some people would have dumped Azan ages ago

19.Plenty of fans think that she should have dumped him then

20.Others think that it's too much work

21.She and Azan don't have an easy path ahead of them

22.So yeah, question away

23.And she's NOT a bad mom

24.The pandemic was a wild card

25.Nicole is a devoted mother

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