Molly Ringwald Credits Life in Paris for Keeping Her Grounded

During an appearance on ‘The View’, the former star of ‘The Breakfast Club’ admits that her decision to put her Hollywood career on hold was a big risk at the time.

AceShowbiz -Actress Molly Ringwald will always cherish her time in Paris after her early Hollywood success, because life in France helped her stay grounded.

“The Breakfast Club” star made a film in the French capital in her early 20s and moved there, putting her Hollywood career on hold.

Molly admits it was a big risk at the time, but it really worked out well for her.

“I really grew up in the public eye… and I was really like a bug under glass,” Ringwald tells “The View“. “I really felt like I needed to go somewhere, where people didn’t necessarily know who I was…”

“I really feel like I got to grow up, I got to know what it was like to live some place else that thinks it’s the center of the universe… and so it was really nice to get a different point of view… and I also learned to speak French, which I had always wanted to do.”

“It was a really healthy thing.”

Molly, now a mother of three, also talked about raising her daughters during the TV appearance. She admitted that she is nervous about rewatching her classic teen movies with her 12-year-old twins, because her daughter is “super woke” and she fears she’ll pick the plots apart.

“My daughter Adele also happens to be the most woke individual that I think I’ve ever met, so I know that it’s not gonna be easy – she’s gonna say, ‘Why did this happen? Why did you allow that?’ ” she shared. “I thought I’d start with ‘Pretty in Pink’ and then work my way to ‘The Breakfast Club’ and I know I have to do it soon because they’re really at that age… All their friends have seen them [films].”

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