Max Ehrich Is Out Here Kissing Singer Mariah Angeliq on the Beach in Front of Paps

A mere month after seemingly staging pap photos of himself crying/sulking on the beach where he proposed to Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich is back at it. And by that I mean he is once again taking pap photos next to an innocent beach who would very much like to be removed from this narrative.

In photos obtained by Page Six, Demi Lovato’s ex-fiancé was seen kissing singer Mariah Angeliq and taking a fleet of selfies with her. Cool! Sure! But the timing is pretty interesting considering that the photos emerged just a few days after Demi made light of her and Max’s engagement during the People’s Choice Awards, saying “I binged seven seasons of ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ got unengaged, then went looking for aliens in the desert.”

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Meanwhile, Max seemingly responded to Demi by posting this very mature Instagram photo:

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It remains to be seen if Max and Mariah will last, or if/when Max will take his talents to yet another beach.

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