Matt Barnes Says He'd Fight Chad Ochocinco for the Right Price!

Move over Aaron Carter and Lamar OdomMatt Barnes says he’s got interest in a big celeb boxing match of his own — telling TMZ Sports he’s down to scrap with Chad Ochocinco!

… but, only if the price is right.

The former NBA superstar was out at Tierra Rejada Golf Club in California on Wednesday when he told us he doesn’t hate the idea of getting in the ring with the ex-Cincinnati Bengals receiver, who’s looking for an opponent after agreeing to participate on the undercard of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul event next month.

Barnes, though, tells us his fighting days are winding down quickly … so it would take some serious convincing and serious cash to make it all work.

“I do box,” Barnes said at the Golf Beef event (which promotes black-owned businesses) … before adding, “but, to be honest with you, like, it’s not something that I really want to jump into, to be honest with you.”

“To me, I’m kind of past that stage of my life. But, if it ever came across and the money was right, I’d consider it.”

The matchup is pretty intriguing … both guys are tough dudes who have been known to hit the mitts during workout sessions.

And, with both their ages being similar (Chad’s 43, Matt’s 41) … it could make for a helluva tilt!!

So, talk money … and let’s get it on?!?

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