Malibu now does a sparkling strawberry flavoured rum

IF you love Malibu, strawberries and sparkling drinks, your new favourite tipple will soon be on sale at Tesco.

That's right, because the booze manufacturer is launching a new rum-based drink at the supermarket right in time for summer.

Packed with flavours of strawberry and a hint of coconut, the rum spritz will go on sale at Tesco on May 22.

The 75cl bottles come with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 11 per cent, and they'll set you back £9.50 each.

In good news for shoppers, they'll be available both online and in stores, but only at Tesco.

The strawberry tipple is said to be best enjoyed poured over ice. It is cheaper per bottle than Malibu's original flavour but this has a higher ABV at 21 per cent.


Among the UK's major supermarkets, slightly smaller 70cl bottles of the booze are currently the cheapest at Sainsbury's, where they'll set you back £11 each.

If you don't mind spending a bit more, you can get one litre of Malibu for an extra three quid at Tesco.

The supermarket has over 3,400 stores across the UK. You can find your nearest one using its store locator tool.

The Caribbean rum base is produced at the West Indies Rum Distillery, which was founded in 1893.

Malibu fans are in luck because the booze maker has launched plenty of new products in the past year.

In April last year, Malibu rolled out a passion fruit flavoured rum.

And then just a month later, it started selling a Pina Colada cocktail in a can as well as a rum tasting of mango.

As always, please be Drinkaware.

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