Lala Kent Admits Breastfeeding Scare With Daughter Over Something SHE Ate!

New motherhood involves a lot of trial and error.

Even the most prepared mommas can face unexpected challenges with their newborns — that’s part of the reason why moms are such superheroes! But when it comes to celebrities, publicly admitting to parenting mistakes opens the floodgates for mommy shamers (hell, even if you haven’t really made a parenting mistake, the mommy shamers will still be ready to pounce).

Lala Kent must not be afraid, though, or else she’s just dedicated to sharing her motherhood journey with her 6-week-old, Ocean. Maybe both! Either way, on Sunday she shared a very vulnerable experience regarding breastfeeding on her Instagram Story:

“Yesterday was one of our hardest days. I was aware certain foods could mess with my babies tummy, but never worried too much. I had vegan food for lunch- beans, cauliflower, etc. I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘you’re an idiot, those foods give grown people gasses!…”

The reality star continued:

“Ocean screamed, cried and fussed, from morning until night. I clued in after my second feed, & switched from the boob to a bottle with saved milk. I sobbed when it was time for bed- yes I was exhausted, but mostly because when she finally started feeling better around 10pm, I felt so terrible that I did that to my sweet girl. Wish us luck today, that I’ve pumped all the vegan out of these milk jugs.”

There are no hard and fast rules for what foods to avoid while breastfeeding — new moms are generally advised to consume alcohol and caffeine in moderation, and keep a balanced diet. What mom eats does filter into her breast milk, but whether their child has sensitivities to certain foods depends from baby to baby.

So, while it probably is a good idea not to go too hard on the gassy foods, we do hope Lala isn’t beating herself up too much. Parenting means learning on the fly, and it was actually a smart move to realize it might have been the breast milk that upset little Ocean!

Earlier this month, the 30-year-old reflected about breastfeeding on IG. Alongside a snap of herself pumping, she shared:

“So many people asked me if I was going to breastfeed. I thought this was a strange question because it’s not that simple. I know many women who struggled- whether the baby didn’t latch, milk wasn’t coming in, or it just wasn’t for them. I was never married to the idea of breastfeeding because I didn’t want to feel disappointment or shame. That being said, I’m grateful my boobies are producing, but I know my baby is bonded to me regardless of what kind of nipple is in her mouth.”

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TBH, we think she has a healthy attitude towards these new-mom challenges. We’re sure the vegan food scare was alarming, but it seems like she’s doing a great job so far!

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