Kylie Jenner Claps Back After Alleged Instacart Worker 'Lied' About Delivery Details 'For Attention'!

Kylie Jenner claps back at a “lying” Instacart worker.

The youngest sibling in the KarJenner family is not having it! In a TikTok posted Wednesday, user Pablo Tamayo, who has over 400,000 followers on the app, claimed to have delivered an Instacart order to the beauty mogul’s home. In the TikTok, he described Kylie’s order as including a $12 pack of pepperoni from Erewhon in West Hollywood, which he then drove to her home in the greater LA area. He claimed that upon arrival, he saw “all of this security” and thought “this house looks so familiar.”

Imagine pulling up to Kylie’s crib to drop off some sandwich meat!

Apparently, his “best friend Jordy” (shout out to Kylie’s ex bestie Jordyn Woods, LOLz) had previously showed him the house online. Pablo went on to say:

“This bitch could have paid me more.”

Ouch! Safe to say he probably won’t be invited back after that comment…

He also explained that the order was under the name “Ashton,” which he presumed was Kylie’s assistant and was instructed to not leave it outside, but instead had to call and “go through the gate.”

The TikTok then cut from Pablo himself, who was filming inside his car, to Kylie’s front gate where someone was waiting to receive the pack of pepperoni, to which he asked “is this Kylie Jenner’s house?” Now this is where the story begins to get a little shoddy: Pablo claims that the person who met him at the gate prompted him to enter the premises to leave the package at the entrance. He claims to have walked down a pathway with a “river beneath it” and then got to leave it at the front door where he got to see “all these assistants, all these maids” but did not see Kylie or Stormi, but concludes the video by swearing that he “heard a baby scream.”

See it (below)!

I CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP i just delivered to Kylie Jenner????????

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