Kerry Katonas life to be made into Netflix film as she reveals star she wants to play her

Kerry Katona has revealed that her 'colourful life' is set to be made into a small screen film which will air on Netflix.

The 42 year old mum-of-five has had a chequered – and well documented – history, since she first burst onto the scene in 1998 as part of the girl band, Atomic Kitten.

She's been married three times, struggled with drug addiction and multiple bankruptcies, and endured mental and physical abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, George Kay, who died in 2019.

Kerry has documented her life in her memoir Whole Again, which she claims is being made into a film about her – and she's already chosen the actress she would like to play her on the movie.

Speaking on the The Matt Haycox Show podcast, she said: “I’ve had a colourful life, Matt. I’ve been married three times, divorced twice, widowed once. I’ve come from nothing, become a millionaire three times, and bankrupt twice, and now Netflix have got my life story, and want to turn it into a film. I can't say too much more yet, but watch this space!"

Kerry spoke about the film to Closer magazine, writing: "I've got two screenwriters who have copies of my book and are turning it into a film. I've been through everything, you name it, there's enough material for a sequel, or a prequel. When I was recording my audio book, I said to my producer, 'You couldn't make this s*** up, could you?' Even Stephen Spielberg couldn't write this!

"I would love for Florence Pugh to play me, she's the right height, has blonde hair and is British. She'd be great!"

Kerry has had a colourful love life, with her first marriage to Westlife's Brian McFadden lasting from 2002 to 2006. She shares daughters Molly, 21 and Lilly-Sue, 20, with him.

She married taxi driver Mark Croft in 2007, and the pair share Max, 15, and Heidi, 16, together. They divorced in 2011, leading Kerry into a spiral of depression and drug abuse.

Her third marriage to George Kay, from 2014 to 2017, was also not a happy one, with Kerry speaking out about the physical and emotional abuse she suffered at his hands.

He died in 2019, aged 39, after eating 'a large quantity of cocaine' at a Holiday Inn in Cheshire.

Kerry shares a nine year old daughter, named Dylan Jorge, with George.

Kerry is now engaged to her fiancé Ryan Mahoney, who is eight years her junior, for almost three years.

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