Kerry Katona calls on Atomic Kitten bandmates to reconcile: ‘Lifes too short

Kerry Katona has called for a reconciliation with former her Atomic Kitten bandmates in her latest column.

Admitting she thinks "life is too short", the 41 year old comments came as she opened up about Girls Aloud reuniting for Race For Life in memory of their late bandmate Sarah Harding.

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Girls Unite For Sarah

Cheryl Tweedy has announced that she and the rest of Girls Aloud are taking part in Race For Life in London’s Hyde Park in memory of Sarah Harding.

I was friends with Sarah and I think that’s a lovely idea.

I think it’s nice the girls are coming together and it’s for such a brilliant cause.

I’m not as close to the Atomic Kitten girls as I once was, and it does make me wonder what would happen if, God forbid, anything happened to one of us.

We’ve not spoken for years. I think life is too short and it’s a shame.

Crazy Four You

Me and Ryan celebrated our four-year anniversary last week. I can’t believe it’s been four years – time flies! I can’t imagine a life without him now.

Just for the record, we’re not actually married yet! There was a story about me “secretly getting married” after I joked there wasn’t a divorce in sight.

We didn’t do anything on the day. We didn’t get each other anything – we didn’t even get cards. Neither of us need anything.

I don’t need him to buy me anything to prove he loves me, and vice versa.

I’ll be with Ryan until the day I die. He can’t cope without me, ha!

Don’t get me wrong, we fight like cat and dog. We don’t have proper arguments but we bicker a lot. I admit, I do like a good row from time to time!

Hol Lot Of Fun

I’m back from Marbella and I’m missing it so much already! We had the best time – I loved every single minute of it.

It was so nice being in the sun and spending some quality time with Ryan. We caught up with Danielle Brown and her partner Ty Maynard, too.

I can’t wait to get back out there. We’re going in July, with the kids this time. They haven’t been on holiday for a few years, so they’re looking forward to it.

But for now, it’s back to reality! I’ve been busy catching up on things after being away, getting stuck into work.

I also went to a charity event last week. It was the Royal Ascot Fillies & Stallions Fashion Lunch, hosted by Cheshire Socialites Network, who help businesses in the area. It was a great day.


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Bring Back Page 3

Former glamour model Sam Fox has called for the return of Page 3, as she thinks it’s a positive influence for women. I totally agree with her.

I believe I got where I am today because of Page 3. I never actually officially did it, but I often featured on Page 3 fully clothed. I was 16 at the time, which seems crazy now.

Believe it or not, I’m a bit of a prude! I think it’s different posting pictures on a subscription site. But if I was asked to do Page 3 now, I’d absolutely give it a go! Why the hell not?!

Age Appropriate

Charlie Sheen says he doesn’t condone his 18-year-old daughter Sami joining OnlyFans.

Because he’s unable to stop it, he urged her “to keep it classy, creative and not sacrifice her integrity”.

As you all know, I love OnlyFans and I only have good things to say about it. But I must admit, I do think 18 is a little bit too young.

I think it would be good for her to wait a few more years. But each to their own. I wouldn’t want my Lilly doing it.

It’s harmless but I think it’s because I know what the men are like on there! But Lilly wouldn’t ever want to do it anyway.

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