Katherine McNamara Shares More Things She Took From The ‘Shadowhunters’ Set

At the end of Shadowhunters, Katherine McNamara was gifted a very special item from the set.

The “small, wooden art piece from Clary’s bedroom” which was signed by the camera crew and is very dear to the 23-year-old actress – but there are a few other items that she took from the set, too.

“I was lucky enough I ended up with a couple pairs of shoes, couple jackets. I have a set of her swords, which is a lot of fun,” Kat shared with IBT.

She adds, “Because I loved fighting with the kindjals, having a set of my own that I used on the show is pretty great. We’ve been through a lot, those kindjals and me. I think they’re still wrapped in the bubble wrap. I’m kind of scared to take it out.”

Katherine also revealed that she kept the slate from the last take of the last shot of the series.

“Our wonderful Director of Photography, Mike McMurray, he gave me the slate…I’m gonna frame it and preserve it,” she shared. “Truly, it’s a huge chapter of my life, and it’s a part that I will never, ever forget.”

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