Jodie Turner-Smith just had the perfect response to someone who asked the gender of her baby

The Queen And Slim star is expecting her first child with partner Joshua Jackson. When someone asked the gender of her baby, the actor gave the most empowering response. 

Jodie Turner-Smith has been tackling pregnancy myths and misconceptions for the past few months.

First, the Queen & Slim star responded to those who were ‘offended’ by the crop top and skirt the actor wore for her appearance on The Graham Norton Show last month. Now, she’s helping dispel outdated misconceptions when it comes to the gender of her unborn child.

This week, in a spur-of-the-moment Q&A on Twitter, the actor was asked whether she knew the gender of her baby. Turner-Smith’s response was perfect.

“I know what sex organs my child has but of course I don’t know what they may say their gender is! I’m excited to see who they reveal themselves to be,” answered Turner-Smith.

The response is powerful for a number of reasons, especially in the same week that Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade shared social media posts supporting the transition of their daughter. In the US, some 3% of children identify as transgender or gender non-conforming, according to USA Today. Turner-Smith’s words were a powerful reminder that one of the best things a parent can do for their child is to support them during every step of their lives.

Turner-Smith also covered other aspects of pregnancy in her Twitter Q&A. In response to a question about whether she was enjoying being pregnant, Turner-Smith said yes, but she also added that she could only enjoy it fully because she has a helpful partner.

“If I didn’t have the love & support from my partner in this, I’d hate it,” she wrote. “I am in complete awe of women who go through this alone, go through this under duress, go through this without the many resources that I’m privileged to have. Pregnancy is hard and women are miraculous.” 

Elsewhere, she revealed that her big pregnancy craving is pasta. “I have wanted pasta alllll through my pregnancy,” Turner-Smith wrote. “Though this is possibly influenced by the fact that I began my pregnancy in Italy eating incredible pasta so it imprinted in my brain?”

Finally, Turner-Smith was asked whether she was feeling tired of being pregnant by one fan who had “been there”. “Actually not bored nor am I tired of being pregnant,” the actor responded. “But I respect that you felt that way”.

Neither Turner-Smith nor her partner Jackson have announced when their baby is due, so there may be the potential for a few more spontaneous Twitter Q&As like this in Turner-Smith’s future. For now, we’ll leave you with her favourite thing about pregnancy, according to her Twitter: feeling her baby moving.

“Especially at this stage,” she wrote on the social media platform. “I can just lie down and see my belly moving like there’s a humanity-destroying alien inside of me.” 

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