Jenelle Evans & David Eason Are Allowed To Adopt Another Dog — Wait, REALLY?!

In what world would the events of the last few weeks be considered not a big enough deal so that Jenelle Evans and David Eason would be allowed to adopt another dog if they wanted?! Oh, North Carolina…

The former Teen Mom star and her embattled husband — who shot and killed the family dog Nugget late last month after allegedly brutally beating the poor French Bulldog at their Columbus County home — are free to adopt another dog in the state of North Carolina if they so wish! WTF?!

According to a new report in TMZ, there’s absolutely nothing stopping Jenelle and David from adopting a new dog, even considering their history with Nugget now, if they wanted to bring a new pooch into the family. How is that possible?!

The Columbus Humane Society in Whiteville, North Carolina near where the couple lives reports that it’s apparently “absolutely possible” for the couple to adopt another dog, even after what happened to Nugget. That’s because to this day, neither animal control nor law enforcement in the area have produced any legal documentation detailing why Jenelle’s home would be a danger to another pet.

Until — or if — that even happens, it’s as if Eason did nothing at all to Nugget in the eyes of the law… and the couple would be free to adopt again, so long as they go through the same procedures as everybody else who wishes to adopt a pet from a humane society. At one point, we know there was at LEAST one official investigation into Eason’s actions, but until that inquiry produces some sort of official documentation about Nugget’s death, the county’s Humane Society is limited in what they can do to prevent the couple from adopting again.

Now, the Humane Society apparently does “investigate anonymous tips warning of potentially bad adopters,” so you’d think that this alone — plus the public and social media pressures put on Eason after Nugget’s death — might count for something, right?!

Regardless, it may all be a moot point, anyways: Nugget wasn’t a Humane Society adoptee anyways, and it’s entirely possible Jenelle and David could go to the private market if they want another dog. Scary to think how easy it’d be for them to just get another animal to put in that house, though… Ugh…

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