James May: Top Gear star hits out at YouTuber in passionate rant ‘Don’t talk balls woman’

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James May, 56, disagreed with FoodTribe presenter Rachael Hogg over her claim that breakfast tea is the “worst drink in the world”. The motoring star, who appeared in the channel’s latest video “Tea VS Coffee”, fiercely defended the traditional hot beverage that is enjoyed by many British households.

Absolute drivel

James May

Rachael began: “Today my unpopular opinion is that normal tea, breakfast tea, builders tea, bog-standard tea whatever you want to call it, is the worst drink in the world.”

James dismissed the notion: “Oh don’t talk balls woman.”

Rachael continued: “All of the teas are excellent, and the best way to start the day is an iced latte with oat milk.”

The Top Gear Grand Tour host exclaimed: “Absolute drivel. What do you mean, other teas?”

Rachael explained: “So green tea, black tea.”

James quipped: “Well that’s not tea.”

The food critic explained: “Fruit tea….”

James visibly getting more frustrated, said: “Fruit tea? Fruit tea isn’t tea, it’s fruit! That’s an infusion, not tea. Do you call peppermint tea, tea?”

Later on, in the pair’s chat, James revealed he could only drink tea if it is black, after his partner placed him on a special diet.

He explained: “Sarah my other half has put me on a sort of, I don’t know what it’s called, it’s a diet, it’s a slimming diet.

“It’s a be good to your bowels, be good to your stomach, bowels as in the medieval sense of everything that’s inside you.”

“So I drink it black, but usually my cup of tea would be made in a pot because it tastes better in a pot. 

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“Made with loose leaves because it’s a pain in the a**, but it does taste better,” he added.

James and his art critic partner Sarah Frater have dated since 2000 and have kept their relationship out of the headlines.

Recently the motor expert explained how the coronavirus pandemic had complicated the future of Top Gear Grand Tour

New restrictions will limit how many countries the stars can enter and travel around.

“The effects of lockdown on making TV shows is that we have to retract our ambitions for travel. 

“It’s not just, ‘Can we get on an aeroplane and go somewhere?’ but, ‘Are we going to be able to do anything when we get there?'” he told The Sun.

“We need to talk to people, and it’s an enormous crew with all our kit plus 10 or 15 vans. It’s very difficult and we don’t want to compromise it. 

“It limits the places we can go. I think Amazon would say the same thing,” James added. 

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