Its acting! Katya Jones and Adam Peaty discuss ‘intensity’ as they defend kiss drama

Strictly: Adam and Katya discuss their 'near kiss' during tango

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Strictly stars Adam Peaty and Katya Jones have spoken out in their first joint interview about their “intense” dance on Saturday night. The moment sparked a reaction from viewers after the pair appeared to be near a kiss at the end of the dance.

The steamy Argentine Tango, wowed the judges, placing them near the top of the leaderboard.

This ended with the pair close together as they stepped out of their characters following their performance.

Although, some viewers were left wondering if they had been about to kiss.

However, the pair have now hit back at the rumours, admitting it’s all just acting.

Speaking on Zoe Ball’s Breakfast show this morning, the presenter questioned the pair about the “fuss” made about the moment.

After Zoe asked if it was “just acting”, Katya said: “Exactly!”

“The choreographers who help us, because the judges kept saying we’re not connecting the emotion to the dance, there’s got to be more connection.

“So they were very specific about keeping the intensity throughout the entire dance and at the end just keeping that intensity.

“So we made them proud!”

Adam then added: “It’s being believable, isn’t it?

“You don’t want to do a dance like that and not do it justice because you haven’t switched on right at the end.

“So it’s being believable, and that’s what I think some people get carried away with.

“But, hey ho, that’s life, isn’t it?”

Adam also addressed the rumours in an Instagram post yesterday.

He shared two pictures of him and Katya dancing as well as his young son.

Alongside this, he penned: “We go again, thankyou so much for all your support! Such a relief! (sic)

“To everyone who sees what they want to see, your comments have real life consequences. I will not be lowered or overcome by your gossip.

“Protect your energy. Great to spend some much needed time today with my boy.”

Adam’s girlfriend also referenced the near-kiss in a TikTok video on Saturday night.

Eirianedd Munro posted a humorous video on her page after the show.

Using the sound of a crying baby, she wrote: “Watching your boyfriend almost kiss another woman on live TV …

“Finding out 10 million people also watched it live.”

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