Is An ‘American Horror Story’ Spinoff Happening? Ryan Murphy’s Instagram Teases It

Ryan Murphy may have a special treat for American Horror Story fans in the works. The showrunner took to Instagram to drop a hint about another idea he has in mind for his long-running anthology, but fans can’t tell if it’s legit. So, is an American Horror Story spinoff happening, or was Murphy just joking? Here’s what fans should know about the potential new show, which would, in theory, condense the AHS anthology concept down into singular episodes, rather than full seasons.

AHS fans got a massive surprise on the morning of Monday, May 11 when Murphy posted a photo of a massive cast Zoom reunion to his Instagram. Unfortunately, though, the pic really was too good to be true, as commenters were quick to point out that the photo was actually a fan-made collage posted a day earlier by an AHS fandom account, imagining what a Zoom call with all the main players in the show might look like. Despite the photo being fake, Murphy played along with the Zoom call having actually happened, writing that the cast reminisced about old times and caught up with one another. And he also dropped a bombshell in the middle of his caption: Murphy said that he and the cast are planning a spinoff called American Horror Stories that would consist of one-hour self-contained episodes.

The spinoff announcement left fans with more questions than excitement, though, since it’s very unclear whether Murphy was making a serious announcement or cracking a joke. After it was revealed that the photo was really a fan-made image and the Zoom call never happened, it’s totally up in the air whether anything Murphy wrote in the caption is true or if he’s just having some fun with his fans. Murphy could have made up the spinoff to rile people up, or maybe he used the Zoom call photo as a way to make his big spinoff announcement with some flair.

Until Murphy provides some more information on American Horror Stories, there’s no way to know for sure if it’s in the works or not, but the concept of the spinoff definitely does sound like something that would be right up the showrunner’s alley. After all, AHS is known for its anthology seasons that jump from story to story each year, so a series that allows the cast to make even more spooky tales on an episode-to-episode basis could totally work.

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