Got Bored and Did a Deep Dive on Ariana Grande's New Boyfriend for Ya

While the rest of us have been forming an intimate and some might say passionate relationship with sweatpants, Ariana Grande has spent quarantine being cute with her new boyfriend Dalton Gomez. And yeah, I have questions due to being deeply nosy. Mostly just:

Ariana and Dalton literally just went public with their relationship, by which I mean he showed up at the very end of the “Stuck with U” video for a casual PDA session that made the internet pretty much lose its sh*t.


the man is dalton gomez, a real estate agent, and ariana’s new boyfriend 💖#stuckwithu

Unlike Ariana Grande’s previous boyfriends, Dalton is not famous which means the time has come to do some investigating. This is truly a case for the FBI but they’re busy and whatever, so you’re stuck with me.

He’s a Luxury Real Estate Agent

According to People, Dalton (who’s from Southern California) works as a buyer’s agent for a luxury real estate company called the Aaron Kirkman Group, and apparently does a lot of “high-profile deals with A-list clients.” Not saying this is how he met Ariana, but it seems like a possibility? Especially since the Los Angeles Times reported that he sold a house on behalf of Ariana’s lawyer.

Anyway, according to Dalton’s work bio, he’s “highly sought after for his extensive knowledge in the fields of significant architecture and luxury estates, he is quickly becoming an industry titan.” Sounds fancy.

Orrrr They Could Have Met Through Miley Cyrus

Dalton and Miley were once spotted hanging out, and let’s not forget that Miley and Ariana are friends and recently collaborated on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack.

Dalton Gomez via Instagram Stories

Either way, E! News says Ari and Dalton “run in the same circle,” and a source confirms that Dalton “used to be a dancer and they have many mutual friends.”

Ariana Was Caught Making Out with Him in February

At the time, Dalton was simply a ~mystery man~ but this means they’ve been dating for at least four months. And yes, don’t worry, there’s a video:

Fans Found Out About Dalton Thanks to Insane Sleuthing

Not only did a fan catch Dalton commenting on Ariana’s Instagram live…

They spotted his tattoos in the background of Ari’s Instagram Stories:

Finally, last night Ariana posted several stories on instagram where Dalton is clearly seen. In the one he pets Toulouse, you can get a glimpse of an offering bowl he has, as posted by his brother Dakota.

How did they identify said tattoos, you ask? Because…

Dalton’s Brother Is a Tattoo Artist

And he went ahead and posted his brother’s tattoo on ye olde IG:

Yes, You Can Follow Him on IG

IF HE LETS YOU. Dalton’s Instagram is private which sucks for fans but honestly makes sense for obvious reasons related to the internet being a scary place.

Dalton and Ari Are Quarantining Together

A source tells People that Ari and Dalton are isolating in her Los Angeles home:

Cute-cute-cuttteeeeee. Kay, investigation over.

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