Geri Horner made that iconic Spice Girls Union Jack dress out of a tea towel

Geri Horner made her iconic Union Jack dress from a tea towel.

Geri made headline in 1997 thanks to the bold, short dress she wore for the Spice Girls performance at the Brits that year.

Back when she was Ginger Spice, the pop star looked incredible in the striking number which she wore with red platform boots.

Mel B shared the snippet of behind-the-scenes info on Channel 4 arts and crafts competition The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft.

Mel, who was Scary Spice in the group, sat down for a chat with host Keith Lemon to make finger puppets of the girl group.

Keith asked if the singer was into getting creative herself and she revealed that back in the day she would spruce up her stage outfits.

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She explained: ‘I was always doing something wtih my outfits or sticking on sequins or making it a bit jazzy.’

Speaking about the Geri’s memorable dress, she added: ‘She actually made it. It was a plain black dress but Victoria [Beckham] always wore the plain black dress.

‘But she found a Union Jack tea towel and stuck it on.’

Geri has spoken about the garment in the past, paying homage to it on YouTube to encourage fans to follow their dreams.

In a handwritten note shared on Instagram, she said: ’18 years ago, I was told by stylist, don’t wear that union jack dress, 20 years ago, I was told by record execs Wannabe is not a single, 22 years ago I was told by a DJ girl bands never work. Reminder – listen to your heart.’

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