Georgia Toffolo talks plans for acne documentary after years of suffering

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Reality TV favourite Georgia Toffolo made the leap from polo matches and dinner parties in SW3 to winning the I’m A Celebrity crown in 2017.

She’s since established herself as a romance writer with three novels to her name and also has a regular gig on This Morning. But despite her sunny nature, showbiz isn’t all positive, and Georgia, 26, reveals she was trolled on social media for her acne.

She also says she learned to keep her private life out of the limelight. “It’s flattering people care and I look at friends who speak so publicly about their private life but I want to keep something back of me,” she says with a polite shrug as we catch up over Zoom.

Here, the former Made In Chelsea star – who is in talks about making a documentary detailing her battles with her skin – admits she couldn’t have taken on the I’m A Celebrity castle and reveals why she is keeping quiet about her love life…

It’s been a crazy year for everyone. How have you coped in lockdown?

The past year has been a series of ups and downs. It has been weird, but compared to some people, I’ve been pretty cheery. I’ve been living on my own and it has made me realise that you don’t need constant stimulation to be happy. I have had dedicated time to concentrate on my books and I’ve just finished my third romantic novel, which I just can’t believe!

Is there anything you’ve really missed?

While I’ve learned to get on all right on my own, I have missed having a knees-up with my friends! I love going out for dinner with them.

Have you been keeping active?

I’ve been doing some PT sessions online and weight-lifting. I like feeling strong as I am quite little. Just before the first lockdown, I also got a dog called Monty and he has completely changed my life. He has helped so much – we go for big walks together and I call him my little ginger companion. We rock around together – the blonde and the ginger double act!

What else did lockdown teach you?

Lockdown was like being in the I’m A Celebrity jungle as you are very much on your own and away from real life. In the past, I’ve always run around like a headless chicken and it has made me realise how important it is to take a breath and spend time with your family.

Are you single at the moment?

Oh well, the usual – I’m quite happy. I’m going to be really honest with this question. I have been doing TV since I was quite young and that brings pressure. It’s flattering people care and I look at friends who speak so publicly about their private life but I want to keep something back of me – and that’s normally about my family and anyone close to me.

You’ve been open about your tough battle with acne. Have you had a positive reaction?

I have been so honest about my skin because I think it is quite rare to see anyone on TV with acne. I remember when I was growing up and Victoria Beckham got attacked because she had a few spots. I remember thinking, 'Thank God, even Victoria Beckham gets it.' I did a feature on This Morning about my acne a couple of years ago because I was getting a bit of trolling about my spots. It was upsetting me and so I took my make-up off and said, 'This is my skin, I know it can be better but if you want to say nasty things, carry on as it doesn’t phase me.' Since then, I get the most amazing messages and I reply to every single person who comments on my social media.

Have you ever considered making a documentary on the issue?

I actually had a meeting about a potential documentary on skin recently and I’m so excited. I’ve had acne for 15 years and I’ve tried everything. People will say, 'Have you tried this face wash?' and I am like, 'Yes, but nothing works!' I feel more confident about my face now. I wouldn’t have made a documentary a few years ago but now, I think, 'Sod it! It’s only a few spots.'

Can you believe it’s nearly four years ago since you were crowned Queen of the jungle on I’m A Celebrity?!

No! I thought it would have sunk in by now but it still hasn’t. I still can’t quite believe they even wanted me on the show!

Do you think you would have coped in the I’m A Celebrity castle in Wales?

No, I don’t think I would have. A week after everything opened up after lockdown, I was out and I spotted [I’m A Celebrity castle contestant] Jordan North. I went over to him and he started telling me about the Welsh experience. I felt lucky to have done the Oz version, if I’m honest.

Do you still love being one of This Morning’s regular roving reporters?

I love the fun of This Morning. I’m only 26 and they are very kind to me. One day I will be sat with Andrew Neil doing the paper review, then they will send Monty and I on a dog walk or we will be looking at what happens in a sewer! The features are completely mind-blowing. Since January, I have been allowed back in the studio and nothing can replicate the camaraderie of the This Morning family.

Graham Norton recently had one of his books turned into a drama for ITV. Would you like one of your novels to be adapted for TV?

Oh gosh, that would be amazing. I think it would have to be someone like Julia Roberts to play the lead in my first book. Can you imagine?!

And finally, do you have any other projects on the go?

Yes, I am supporting a campaign for Cadbury Nuttier Bar. I never deprive myself of a bit of naughty stuff and I love that this bar has fruit and nuts in it as well. It’s about balance in your life, which is what I am all about.

Toff has teamed up with Cadbury Nuttier to highlight the importance of living a balanced life. If you would like to buy a bar, go to

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