Gayle King Reportedly Passed On Wendy Williams’ ‘Too Trashy’ Tell-All Interview!

Gayle King is not interested in sipping Wendy Williams’ “trashy” divorce tea!

The Wendy Williams Show host is finally ready to air out her dirty laundry with soon-to-be ex husband Kevin Hunter, and she’s apparently been looking at a prime-time slot to do so. The day time diva has reportedly been shopping around her tell-all interview to all the major networks, including Oprah’s OWN, ABC, and NBC.

One station that definitely won’t be taking up Wendy’s offer is CBS, as it’s been reported that Gayle has turned her down flat!

According to, Oprah’s bestie decided not to interview the former radio host because she felt the interview might be too “trashy” for CBS This Morning!

As fans know, the 54-year-old had been battling alcohol abuse, health complications, and cheating rumors in the months leading up to her explosive divorce filing. She’s remained tight-lipped about the drama on her own show — and that’s because, per network insiders, Wendy is hoping to make a big splash by sharing her emotional story in a dramatic, *hour-long* sit down on another program.

These insiders tell the outlet that Gayle was at the top of Wendy’s list of people she wanted to be interviewed by, but the hard news anchor thought the idea “might be a bit too trashy for morning television.” One source explained:

“ people want either a morning show or an hour long prime-time special, they want Wendy to sit down with a big name anchor and Gayle King was at the top of the list. But she turned it down, it’s not clear exactly why but there’s a lot of talk that Gayle thought sitting down with Wendy, dredging over her car crash personal life, might be a little too trashy for morning television. Wendy also wants a longer interview.”


So, where will Wendy’s juicy interview land?

The source said that Good Morning America is the most likely choice, as host Robin Roberts already expressed interest in interviewing the embattled talk show vet when the scandal first came to light. The insider continued:

“GMA anchor Robin Roberts over at ABC seems the most keen, she reached out to Wendy in March when she announced she was staying in a sober house.”

That seems like a better fit anyway!

The source noted that “nothing has been locked down yet,” though, adding:

“Wendy is keen to explore all her options, who knows which way it will go.”

Which morning show do U think Wendy will wind up telling her dramatic story on?

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