FYI, the Way Rihanna Takes Tequila Shots Is Way Cooler Than the Way You Take Tequila Shots

Rihanna is the Queen of Many Things, including, apparently, day drinking. She and Seth Meyers decided to head to a hotel in New York City to get wasted, and the results were incredible.

Maybe the most important thing to come out of this YouTube video is the realization that Rihanna takes her tequila shots way cooler than a regular person takes their tequila shots.

Most people take tequila shots this way: Poor shot, lick hand, poor salt on hand from a salt shaker or something basic, hold lime in salt hand, lick salt, rip shot, suck on the lime. Rihanna does it a little differently, but it can only really be demonstrated in pictures, so here you go.

First, she dips one finger in a cup of salt, which is much classier than a pour from a salt shaker, IMO.

She licks a spot on her hand.

Then she takes salt from her pinky and transfers it to the lick spot, which is much cuter than pouring it.

Then she licks the salt.

Followed by taking the shot… WITH NO LIME. You can watch her do it if you fast forward to about 4:30 in this video.

“You just did salt cooler than I’ll ever do salt in my life,” Seth says, which is totally not wrong.

Please allow that to be your weekend inspo. Happy Friday!

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